This one Etsy tip can EXPLODE your email list June 19, 2019 11:19

explode your email list on etsy

    I love this tip! It’s something I’ve used in my own Etsy shop over the past year to grow a substantial email list specifically of customers who have shopped with me on Etsy.

    I can communicate with them about sales in my shop, new product offerings & follow up to see how they are enjoying their purchases as well. The value of this is something you cannot measure!

    So before I share the nitty gritty of how you can do this too to explode your own email list of SHOPPING customers. You must know something about shoppers…they don’t like to READ. We spend hours crafting the perfect product descriptions with all the reasons they should buy our handmade items and at the end of the day very few customers are actually reading those beautiful Etsy listings.

    Case in point, I used to include in each listing description; typed instructions and a link to where they could sign up to get a coupon code for 10% off their purchase just for giving us their email address. Great idea, right?

    Well yes and NO, because it was crickets getting people from Etsy onto my email list. So even when there is something juicy in it for them, people are just not reading your listings from top to bottom.

    So the solution, and the tip I’m sharing today is this: Include an IMAGE among your product photos that tells them about your offer/discount/coupon. I usually make it the last photo in my line up but just make sure it's there.

    Potential customers are so much more likely to read the small amount of text on the image, then if they are interested read the instruction in the listing and JUMP on your email list at a far faster pace than ever before.

    You can create your own branded image in Canva to add to your listings. Or use the ones we have created:

    Let us send you high resolution images you can use for your own Etsy shop!

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    etsy listing discount grow your email list on etsy coupon image

    If you haven’t set up an email service provided to grow your email list just yet, no worries. There are several that are totally free out there, or free up to a certain number of subscribers like Mailchimp (my personal fav), Constant Contact or MailerLite.

    Pick one and get started crafty lady!!!

    Let me know how this tip works for you - Katie

    grow your email list on etsy