Ain't no summer sales slump with these tips! June 8, 2022 12:40

Summer Sales Slump

Have you started to worry a bit about sales for your handmade business this summer? 

June officially kicks off the summer season and you might still be wondering how to show up for your business over the next few months. So I wanted to hit you with a few strategies that you can implement RIGHT NOW to make sure your sales are sizzling this summer!

The dreaded “j” months often bring slower sales.

In January customers are recovering from Holiday spending and in June & July people are often taking vacations, and exploring outdoors & schedules often change which means less time shopping online.

Slumps in sales this time of year are totally NORMAL!

Sometimes sales slumps this time of year are even welcomed!

You can use this time to prepare for a busy season, to invest more time in learning or implementing something you’ve been putting off or just spend more time with family. There's no rule that says you have to work your business the same way during every season of the year.

As a maker of more than 12 years, I’ve spent some summers inside filling orders and some summers running my daughter to sporting activities multiple times a day and I’ve also enjoyed weeks off and time by the pool. As the new season begins I always start by taking a few moments to consider what my capacity is for the summer. 

Check your capacity. 

This is a step that most handmade business owners miss. We think we're Wonder Woman and can do it all BUT the real question is "Do you want to?" How much do you WANT to work this summer? And how much are you able to work this summer? Take some time to evaluate how you will show up this summer and what your goals are. ​

Make a plan.
You need a plan for summer. And I don't just mean making sure you pack the sunscreen for your afternoon at the pool. How can you reach more potential customers with your products during these months? 
Summertime is a different beast when it comes to business and you need to take the time to plan for it. That means deciding how and when you will sell your handmade items. Consider these questions:
  • Will you offer anything new to your customers? 
  • Will you change up your launches so you can spend more time at the pool? 
  • What sales or events do you plan to run?
  • What can you prepare in advance?

Work your plan.

You have to actually work the plan you created. Us creative types love to make all sorts of fancy business plans with mapped-out social media posts, 10 new product ideas, and everything else in between. But when it actually comes time to EXECUTE the plan, we fall flat. Is anyone else easily distracted by shiny objects? Maker pal, I don’t want that for your business this summer. 

In my experience, if we can focus on the money-making activities first it will take care of sales. Have your plan written down so that when you have 15 minutes to spare you can use that pocket of time to do the most important activities for your business rather than scrolling on social media. 

The summer sales slump can be a daunting time for handmade business owners. This is especially true when you’re not sure what to do or where to start. Hopefully, these three tips will help you beat the slump and increase your sales. Check your capacity, make a plan, and execute the plan- it’s that simple! 

We hope these tips will help you reach your goals and continue growing your business during this challenging season. And if you need more help along the way, join our Facebook group exclusively for handmade business owners like yourself. I host weekly training to help you sell more of what you make online.