Kitchen Sign Craft - YUM! February 7, 2021 17:30

DIY Yum sign for the kitchen

I am about 2 weeks into the moving process and while I'm surrounded by boxes my decor loving brain is ready to craft and decorate the new space.

The plus side to moving is that I FOUND so many craft supplies that were buried in my stash. Today I pulled out a cutting board from Michaels to create a sign for the new kitchen using copper as an accent. I love the warmth of copper and hoping it brings some character to my very white, blank slate of a kitchen. 

 Easy to make sign for the kitchen I styled the finished sign in a little corner of the kitchen under the cabinets with an old scale, plaid measuring cups from Hobby Lobby and some other cutting boards I've collected of the years. Under cabinet kitchen display

I think you will enjoy learning about how you can create wood with character and age from blanks you find in the craft store too.

Check out the video to see how easy it is to create your own version for your kitchen!

cutting board sign for kitchen