Easy rustic lantern project June 13, 2018 14:21

Building makes me feel remarkably handy & strong! Seriously…I’ve never experienced a “runners high” but I’d imagine it to be pretty similar to how I feel after building something with power tools. Especially when it turns out as CUTE as these rustic lanterns!

Here are the dimensions for the sizes I build – each one needs 3 garden stakes (I used the 4ft length, some stores may also have them available in a 6ft length). These suckers were under $2  a piece at Lowes making this also a CHEAP building project to test out your skills.

Rustic Lantern Cutting Details:

  • Four – 6” lengths
  • Four – 8” lengths
  • Four - 12-14” lengths (depending on how tall you want your lantern to be
  • Four – 7” lengths angled to 45 degrees on the ends
  • One – Topper piece cut to your preferred length

 Watch the full video below for step by step assembly instructions.


Check out these fun examples from our viewers!

Junque 2 Jewels lantern 1