A ridiculously effective way to jump start your Etsy shop! August 28, 2019 14:40

Today I‘d like to share with you not a new idea but a ridiculously effective way to jump start your Etsy shop that’s tried and true!


New listings win every time for generating increased views in your shop and sales. The process of adding new items is sometimes easier said than done so I have a few time saving ideas for you. 

Bundle multiple items together for a new item listing. For example, if you have three funny bathroom themed signs in your shop consider creating a listing with all 3 signs bundled to make a trio as single listing where the customer gets all of them. (Bonus tip: this will also be a higher priced listing which Etsy is favoring in their searches right now).

Also shoppers can be lazy, so this makes decorating an entire wall or room super easy for them. How can you do that with your items?

The next easy place to look for potential new listings is your customers suggestions. Have you been asked for a specific certain color, pattern or size you don’t currently offer? Sometimes our customers can be our best source of ideas. Just recently, we had a customer request a sign with red and white plaid, this is a best selling sign for us in black and white but the customer's request turned out great. We took pics then duplicated the original listing and tweaked for the new red option. Bam! A new listing in the shop.

Another simple solution for new product offerings is offering items in alternate sizes. Do you offer something in 12x12 that you could duplicate and offer in 20x20? You may not even need new images for this!

The next idea I can offer is to consider if the items you have appeal to two different shoppers? So for examples we have growth charts that make great nursery decor and baby gifts but also would be beautiful on a gallery wall or as everyday home decor. So we have duplicate listings for growth charts, it’s the exact same item and the same images but we target it to a completely different market with the title, keywords and SEO.

Try it out and see if something may work for you. Do you have a sign for couples that makes a great gift but could be duplicated and targeted to those getting married to use in an engagement shoot perhaps? 

Another resource I’ve been utilizing a lot the past year is mock ups. There are some professional photographers that use their talents to capture amazing photos of blanks. For example in my sign niche, I just add an SVG to the image they created and I have a new product listing without ever having to physically make a single thing. Search your niche for mock ups on Etsy or Creative Market to see this may be something you can start utilizing as well. I’ve seen it work for everything from pillows, and apparel to signs and wall decor and found it to be a great way to get new ideas in front of my customers quickly.

BUT. There is always a but right? 

The theory of adding new items equating to greater visibility = more views = more sales should take place if you add new listings doesn’t happen for you there are a few reasons why.

If you’re getting a lot of views (200+) but no sales, then something is off with your listing—and it’s not your SEO. High views without sales generally means your SEO is just fine, so it’s time to take a look at your actual listing—the photos and copy specifically.

If your photos and copy aren’t great, then your products won’t sell. Period. No matter how awesome-sauce your SEO is, no matter how many views your getting, your photography and copy are necessary to sell the product, so they need to be SPOT ON. If this is a struggle for you, I suggest you invest in learning more about SEO. You can consult YOUTUBE and sift through tons of info out there, test and wait OR...

Join us in the sign maker society where we provide SEO specific to Etsy, a list of keywords for those in our niche and review members Etsy shops on the regular so you can get specific advice on how to grow your shop.