An online community of MAKERS just like yourself. We will be working together each month to develop business savvy, better mindset habits, and build your audience.


I have met some of my best business friends inside of Sign Maker Society! My accountability group encouraged me to push through my first ever paint party (57 people!) and it was a great success that has opened more doors for my business!

Sarah Harper, High Cotton Creations

Using the resources in the group, I was able to go from putting up Father's Day idea the week of, to planning and launching whole collections, of products weeks or months ahead of time. I have actual goals and plans for my business and SMS helps me put those ideas into action and use my time and energy to fulfill my dreams.  

Katie Skiff, Little Rockies Rustic

COMMUNITY!!! I've met some great people who I've been able to collaborate with in growing our businesses together.

Beth Eaton, The Ruffled Daisy

Being a part of SMS has been incredible. It has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone in BIG ways. I have the confidence to go live on a moments notice. I have started posting Instagram stories and the biggest confidence boost has come as I am watching my account grow in TikTok. I have watched my sales grow 173% last year (2021) and they are already up 32% this year (2022). Listening to Katie's training and having her support is amazing. In addition to watching my social media accounts grow, with very little effort I am beginning to see my Pinterest numbers grow as well. My impressions are up 211%, saves 1,050% and outbound clicks 650%. How does this even happen? The community of SMS is amazing and supportive. I am so thankful for Katie & the entire community.  

Misti Money, 6Money's Creations

I'm in a few other coaching groups and I love SMS because of the friendliness Katie and her team offers, to the wonderful marketable monthly SVG's and her fresh ideas, to all the various materials and resources that are offered to make YOUR business as successful as you make it. All the tools are there, you just have to apply them. I found Katie when I first started my business 3 years ago. Every year my little biz continues to grow (revenue doubles every year since I started). Without her knowledge and openness to help other makers I probably would have closed up my shop after 6 months. I'm so happy to still be here and keep plugging away to make my dream come true. 

Mary Schultz, Hawg Wild Designs

SMS changed my business. I followed all the Etsy trainings and went from making $200 a month on Etsy to making $2000+ a month on Etsy. I have learned so much from all the different trainings to get my social media platforms to work for me and have grown my business from making around $5K a year to making close to 30K! I never could have done it without Katie and all of my friends inside SMS who build me up and encourage me to keep growing!

Lacey Flory, The Painted Needle


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