Interchangeable Centerpiece Box - DIY Kit - BLANK

$ 11.99

This wooden box is the perfect addition to your dining room table, a mantle or entryway. Crafted for those who cherish the spirit of DIY crafting and adore transforming their living spaces, this kit is a must-have addition to decor collection. This display box kit when assembled will measure about 24" x 7" inches and is a great piece to change out for each season.

Designed for seasonal transitions, this unfinished wooden centerpiece box pairs perfectly with our interchangeable elements, allowing you to effortlessly switch out decorations to suit every occasion. From charming Christmas trees to captivating seasonal motifs for Valentine's Day to Spring florals, let your imagination run wild as you craft unique displays tailored to each celebration.

Assembling this centerpiece box is a breeze, requiring only glue (we recommend Gorilla clear glue), ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting display. The smooth surface invites your artistic touch, easily painted or stained to perfectly complement your home decor.

Once assembled, dive into our range of laser-cut seasonal craft kits to paint and fill your centerpiece box. Choose from an array of seasonal fillers (sold separately) to add that extra festive touch. Our goal is to help you create a space filled with warmth, personality, and the magic of seasonal celebrations!

You can add one of our seasonal fillers too! (Each sold separately)

  • Nativity - Embrace the spirit of the season with a beautifully crafted Nativity scene accompanied by stands.
  • Bunnies - Adorable standing Bunnies paired with a charming pennant banner.
  • Star Pack - Stars in various sizes (ranging from 2-6 inches) to brighten any patriotic celebration.
  • Valentine - Spread love with the "Love" word and double heart accents, perfect for Valentine's Day.
  • Flowers - 3-layered Flowers and tulips, including 5 stems with leaves for a floral touch during spring months
  • Christmas Trees - A selection of 5 Christmas trees ranging in size from 10 to 13 inches.

This centerpiece box isn't just for the holidays; it's a year-round essential for crafting enthusiasts. Embrace each season by easily swapping out elements and delighting in the transformation of your space.

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